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The Myth

Many people such as Arthur Drews, a writer of “The Christ Myth,” believe Jesus Christ is a myth. They believe Jesus never existed, and Christianity could have developed without Jesus, but not without Paul and the Old Testament Prophets. Contrary to belief there is substantial evidence and writings of Jesus Christ’s existence.

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The Historical Jesus

Jesus was born during a period when Roman rule created a climate of hostility and hatred among the Jews. The Roman pagans who believed in the Greco-Roman gods were undergoing a turbulent time, as well.  Paganism was demonstrated through the imperial state religion.  Worship was semi-political.  Man was a worshiper of either Zeus, Hera, or Artemis.  The New Testament describes the cult worship of Artemis of Ephesus, the image that had fallen from heaven (Acts 19-27-35).  The new mystery religion relied on spiritualism, magical arts, divination, superstitious observances and astrology.  They inhabited and communicated with spirits and demons and invoked spells, incantations or commanded demons to do their bidding. These religions met their spiritual needs, brought people back in touch with nature, provided a false sense of security that their gods would protect their economic well-being, but did not redeem them from their sins, or restore them in right relationship with God of Heaven, their creator. 

During this period of darkness, the Jewish people did all that they could as a religious community.  They felt contempt for the Greco-Roman world, and their worship of monotheism—many gods.  The Greco-Roman world did not comprise the worship of one God.  Judaism did not believe in the notion of a multiplicity of gods with circumscribed spheres or action, or in a divine being in the form of man, animal or substance.  The Jews worshiped the Lord, creator of the universe, invisible God, Almighty and Righteous God, who recompenses very strictly according to His morale conduct.  The Jews refused to worship idols, statutes, or the imperial state. 

It had reached the fullness of time for God to send His Son to reestablish His kingdom government in the earth.  It was time for humanity to meet divinity—Christ, the Son of God.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Jesus is more than a man, He is a savior to a dying world, a friend, and a comforter.  While on assignment Jesus encountered hatred, betrayal, injustice, condemnation, violence, alienation, imprisonment, and crucifixion. You see, He had to die on the cross because He paid the penalty for all man’s sins, and only He was chosen by God to do it.  The shed blood of Jesus Christ was the only way to pay the penalty, and it is through His shed blood that gives you and me access to God in Heaven.  There are many gods, but there is only one God and ruler over everyone and everything, and He determines who is fit to enter His kingdom.  There will be no cross, or way of repentance without the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

My Life In Christ

I believed various myths about Jesus for many years.  It was when I reached my 40’s I had an encounter with Jesus Christ.  I was puffed up in pride, hurt from past relationships, rejected, and financially and spiritually bankrupt.  A voice out Heaven began to speak to me and told me to put down a book I was reading and begin to study Him.  He was talking about the study of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through the reading of the Holy Bible.  That was the beginning of my relationship.  It was not easy at the beginning, because He required total submission.  Wow! That was quite difficult for me.  I was used to being my own boss, doing my own thing, making my own decisions.  Then I realized all of that was getting me deeper and deeper into trouble.  The Lord began to minister to me and show me how evil and wicked I was, my character did not please Him.  When He showed me how ugly I was before Him, I had to drop to the floor on my knees and cry out to Him, please help me to change.  The change did not happen overnight, it was gradual over a period of several years.  As I grew and matured in my relationship with the Lord, I began to heal, pray and forgive the people who wronged me. God’s Word and Holy Spirit worked within me to begin a transformation in me.  I needed to be broken and reconstructed into God’s image.  The old man in me had to die so that the new man in Jesus Christ could live in me.  After my transformation, my life changed.  The Lord would reveal to me where my next job would be, put my next home before me, and so much more. He warns me of upcoming dangers and protects me from danger. Yes, Jesus Christ is real.  He is alive today and living in the hearts of those who have accepted him.   

I pray that this message touches your heart and you accept Him as your Lord and Savior too! Become a life-long learner by joining Immanuel International Assembly Social Learning Network. We also provide free Bible courses at Immanuel International Institute.

In Christ,

Apostle Rosalind Epps, Immanuel International Assembly

December 21, 2020

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