In every culture throughout history, people have asked questions such as, “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” The Bible tells us that we are God’s images, created to rule over creation on his behalf and to turn the world into his earthly kingdom. Sin has damaged us and complicated our work, but by God’s grace in Christ, we can be restored and our work can be completed.

Course Goals:

  • Describe humanity’s origin, composition and purpose.
  • Explore the consequences of humanity’s fall into sin.
  • Examine humanity’s covenant relationship to God.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: In the Beginning
WhatisMan.Lesson1.English.mp4 Details 01:16:00
What is Man: Lesson 1 – Quiz 1 00:30:00
Forum 1: In the Beginning
WhatisMan.Forum1.English.mp4 Details 01:05:00
Lesson 2: The Image of God
WhatisMan.Lesson2.English.mp4 Details 01:19:00
What is Man: Lesson 2 – Quiz 2 00:30:00
Forum 2: The Image of God
WhatisMan.Forum2.English.mp4 Details 01:05:00
Lesson 3: The Curse of Sin
WhatisMan.Lesson3.English.mp4 Details 01:22:00
What is Man: Lesson 3 – Quiz 3 00:30:00
Forum 3: The Curse of Sin
WhatisMan.Forum3.English.mp4 Details 01:04:00
Lesson 4: The Covenant of Grace
WhatisMan.Lesson4.English.mp4 Details 01:21:00
What is Man: Lesson 4 – Quiz 4 00:30:00
Forum 4: The Covenant of Grace
WhatisMan.Forum4.English.mp4 Details 00:57:00

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