Throughout the history of the church, faithful Christians have used systematic theology to communicate the teachings of our faith. Systematics has proven to be a helpful tool for expressing ideas clearly, and for organizing them in ways that increase our understanding of Scripture. At times, this approach to theology has been misused, but when employed in submission to Scripture, systematic theology provides Christians with a reliable method for understanding and teaching biblical truth.

Course Goals:

  • Explain the history and justification of systematic theology.
  • Describe the method and uses of systematic theology.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: What is Systematic Theology?
BuildingSystematicTheology.Lesson1.English.mp4 01:37:00
Building Systematic Theology: Lesson 1: Quiz 1 00:30:00
Forum 1: What is Systematic Theology?
BuildingSystematicTheology.Forum1.English.mp4 01:38:00
Lesson 2: Technical Terms in Systematics
BuildingYourTheology.Lesson2.English.mp4 01:02:00
Building Systematic Theology: Lesson 2: Quiz 2 Unlimited
Forum 2: Technical Terms in Systematics
BuildingSystematicTheology.Forum2.English.mp4 01:27:00
Lesson 3: Propositions in Systematics
BuildingSystematicTheology.Lesson3.English.mp4 01:26:00
Building Systematic Theology: Lesson 3: Quiz 3 00:30:00
Forum 3: Propositions in Systematics
BuildingYourTheology.Forum3.English.mp4 01:19:00
Lesson 4: Doctrines in Systematics
BuildingSystematicTheology.Lesson4.English.mp4 01:44:00
Building Systematic Theology: Lesson 4: Quiz 4 00:30:00
Forum 4: Doctrines in Systematics
BuildingSystematicTheology.Forum4.English.mp4 01:26:00

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