Put on the Full Armor of God

The story about David and his battle with Goliath is one of the greatest stories ever told. David is one of the greatest Biblical warriors of all times. He exemplifies the character of a spiritual warrior for the kingdom of God.

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False Grace Doctrine

The Emerging Apostate Church and False Grace Apostle Paul exhorts the citizens of God’s kingdom to follow the pattern of …

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Who is Jesus to Us

Many people such as Arthur Drews, a writer of “The Christ Myth,” believe Jesus Christ is a myth. They believe Jesus never existed, and Christianity could have developed without Jesus, but not without Paul and the Old Testament Prophets. Contrary to belief there is substantial evidence and writings of Jesus Christ’s existence.

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Immanuel International Institute is in partnership with Third Millennium Ministries (IIIM) and is pleased to offer an online curriculum for Christian Ministry. Immanuel International Institute (III) vision is to equip believers in Christ, who desire to fulfill their ministry calling.

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